Sri Lanka – why you should start planning your trip now!

Small but oh so beautiful!

Sri Lanka, the small gem hidden underneath India.

We were really looking forward to this trip! The exotic beaches, the pretty hill country, green jungle, gigantic Buddha statues and crumbling ancient cities. In fact, it makes this island a charming destination for those looking for a diverse and adventurous holiday.

Easter 2019

Unfortunately, our holiday started with the horrific Easter bombings as we arrived on the same day. There has always been tension between the different religious groups, but after the civil war it seemed that those days were in the past. I still can’t believe that so much hate can provoke people like that. These unspeakable acts were and still are a big blow on the community.

As we booked a tour with a professional driver/guide named Denver, we decided to continue our vacation. Unfortunately, such events can happen in every part of the world these days… Every day Denver gave us updates about what was happening. He told us not to worry and always checked with us what we wanted to do. The remaining two weeks we only encountered the friendliest people! Even with all the checkpoints of the police/army, everybody stayed friendly. Denver also had such a relaxing vibe that he almost made us forget that something even happened.

The wildlife

It’s difficult to grasp that this small island is home to so many mammals, including elephants, monkeys, wild boars, squirrels, spotted and barking deer, jackals, whales and many more. If you’re a fan of wildlife, Sri Lanka is THE place for you. Yala National Park is said to have the highest leopard density in the world! We went on several safari and birdwatching trips during those two weeks, so prepare yourself for the amount of pictures you will take home.

Food you say?

The food was one of the things we loved most about Sri Lanka. From king coconuts and super sweet mangoes bought from a street vendor, to the national dish ‘rice and curry’, the food is always fresh and mostly vegetarian-friendly.

So in a nutshell, don’t hesitate! Sri Lanka is safe and definitely a destination to add to your bucket list!”